Baby Showers--Where to Register

My BFF's are planning my shower. I have the bestest of best friends. The only thing they need from me is to make sure I'm registered at at least three different places because everyone likes to have choices. Karma, my sister, wants me to register at some eco-friendly place...sighs... I'm all for saving the planet blah blah blah, but have you seen their clothes? All brown, tan, and DRAB. Probably made of itchy material and cause rashes! Of course, Karen suggested I register at Target and Babies-R-Us. Target? Babies-R-Us? How pedestrian! It's Pea in the Pod, Bloomies and Fred Segal for me! Anyone have any other suggestions for mommy couture?


Holy flippin' cow! I have boobs! I mean, I have real, grab-em-by-the-handful boobies! Who needs a boob job when you can just get pregnant! You know what that means? I need new bras. Brandon! I need the Amex -- gonna go shopping! I LOVE the second trimester!


Episode 1 Launch and Power Outage madness!

OMG. Finally have the interviews underway and now a power outage! Are you kidding me?! What if this happens when the baby comes? This is ridiculous! How do people have babies in 3rd world countries?


My first blog post

Hi.  I'm Brook.  Shopping for the perfect nanny and so far, not much luck.  I know she's out there though.  Any recs, please send my way.  thx.