OMG. Sorry for the delay in getting Episode 1 out on time, but we had a power outage that lasted 19 hours!! Are you kidding me?! What if this happens when the baby comes? This is ridiculous! How do people have babies in 3rd world countries?

As her pregnancy progresses, Brook lets her hormones do the interviewing.

The only way to find the right nanny is to test-drive one.

We'll resume with Episode 4 on Jan 4, but for now Happy Holidays! 

Happy New Year!

Kick off the new year with another episode of "The Nanny Interviews".  You're in for a marathon as Brook gets desperate in her search for the perfect nanny.

Now you can catch a glimpse of Brook’s dream nanny in Episode 5: ‘The Nanny Fantasy’.

The Final Interview - Like you really need a description for this one. (i.e. Brook went into labor in the middle of writing this)

A glimpse into the moment of the maybe beginning of Brook and Brandon.

Brook has a plan.  For everything.  Even love.

Brook gets kinda sorta stood up.

Brandon discovers Brook's deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret.

Oh, we just wanted to see that hot manny again. (Like you didn't)

Season Two Finale!  Yeah, Brook is in for a shocker!